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I thought, since the Con is looming frighteningly close (for designers anyway Very Happy), now would be a good time to tell anyone who's planning to play a little about these games.

First up, for those of you who haven't figured it out from the blurbs, these two games are actually one game masquerading as two separate ones. They will be played in two separate rooms, but you will be able to move between these rooms in character. This means you'll be one of 45 historical figures battling it out for a piece of the pie in the civil wars plaguing Spain. This is why you can't play both games - or conversely, if you are playing at all, you are playing both games.

The game will also run for two sesisons. The reason behind this is not only to give you a bit of a break in the middle, but there is also a game mechanic in the change of session: the first session will be representing Winter, the second Summer. That means that for the first session, expect political manuevering, but come Summer, events will begin to be propelled at swordpoint.

Last but not least, I'll give you a sneak peak at the character list. I won't be providing too much info on them just yet, but rest assured every one of them is a real historical figure; looking them up on google or in a (shock, horror) book will give you an idea of who they are and what they did.

The Crossroads of Toledo:
-Queen Petronilla of Aragon.
-Ramon Berenguer IV, her husband and Count of Barcelona.
-Bishop Berenguer of Lerida, illegitimate son of Ramon Berenguer IV.
-Alfonso VII, King of Leon and Castille, stepson of Alfonso the Battler.
-Fernando, his son and heir of Leon.
-Sancho, his son and heir of Castille.
-Sancha, his daughter and princess of Castille and Leon
-Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, ‘El Cid’.
-Joseph ha-Nasi Ferrizuel, also known as Cidellus, courtier and personal physician of the King.
-Count Armengol VI of Urgel, friend and colleague to Ramon Berenguer IV.
-Garcia V, the Restorer, King of Navarre
-Sancho, his son and heir of Navarre
-Blanche, his daughter and Princess of Navarre
-Alfonso Henriques, King of Portugal.
-Princess Teresa of Leon, his mother and prisoner, also aunt to Alfonso VII.
-Archbishop Rodrigo of Toledo.
-Peter the Venerable, Abbot of Cluny.
-Robert of Ketton, his assistant.
-Isaac ibn Sid, Jewish scholar and reader in the Synagogue of Toledo.
-Gualdim Pais, Master of the Order of the Temple in Portugal.

Waning of the Crescent:
-Ibrahim ibn Tashufin, the Almoravid Calif, ex-governor of Al-Andalus and general of the Almoravid armies. Besieged in Marrakesh by the forces of the Almohads.
-Reverter, Catalan soldier of fortune and general of the elite core of the Almoravid armies.
-Abdullah ibn Hamshak, an Almoravid cavalry general from Al-Andalus.
-ibn Barrajan, prominent Sufi prisoner of Almoravids.
-Abdul Mumin, Almohad Calif. Has proclaimed himself the Mahdi.
-Yusuf ibn Sulayman, member of the Fifty.
-Abu Ishaq Barraz ibn al-Massuf, prominent Almoravid defector.
-Umar al-Hintati, one of the Ten, and heir apparent to the Califate.
-Abdul-Aziz ibn Tumart, brother of Muhammad ibn Tumart, founder of the Almohad faction (also Isa ibn Tumart).
-Yahya ibn Ghaniya, Almoravid Governor of Al Andalus.
-Muhammad ibn Hamdin, qadi in Cordoba and member of the Banu Hamdin family.
-Abul-Walid ibn Rushd, also known as Averroes, scholar and qadi in Cordoba and member of the Banu Rushd family.
-Sayf al-Dawla ibn Hud, military adventurer.
-Judah Halevi, prominent and successful Jewish poet, scholar and court doctor.
-Ahmad Ibn Qasi, Sufi, ruler of the Algarve, in his capital, Mertola.
-Muhammad Ibn Al-Mundhir, disciple of Ibn Qasi and ruler of Silves.
-Sidray Ibn Wazir, governor of Beja and Badajoz.
-Yusuf Ibn Ahmad al-Bitruji, governor of Niebla.
-Abdullah Ibn Iyad, Almoravid military commander
-Abdullah Ibn Muhammad, Almoravid governor of Valencia.
-Marwan Ibn Abdul-Aziz, qadi of Valencia.
-Abdullah Ibn Maymun, commander of the Almoravid fleet.
-Ibn Al-Arif, leader of the Sufi sect.
-Moses Maimondes, prolific Jewish lawyer, physician, and scholar. Has recently moved to Almeria to escape the Almohads’ advances.
-Abdullah ibn Ubayd-Allah, pirate and brigand

OK, that's it from me for now. Please post here with any questions regarding characters or to reserve one, or email me at
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